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Reunion del HCHC con el cuerpo consular latinoamericano en Toronto

Who we are

Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council – HCHC

(Consejo Canadiense para la Herencia Hispana)

The Hispanic Canadian Heritage Council (HCHC) is an non-for-profit organization constituted in 2008 by key institutions from the Hispanic / Latin American community of Toronto with a long and proven history of working with the community since 1973.

The HCHC is a community organization established with the purpose to highlight and promote the contribution of Hispanic / Latin American culture to the evolving fabric of Canadian Heritage.

One of the main activities of the HCHC is the celebration of the Hispanic / Latin American Heritage Month on October of each year, as it had been declared for the Toronto City Council, for the Ontario Legislature and for the Federal Government.

The Hispanic-Latin American Heritage topic is a growing celebration that every year include dozens of arts, cultural, civic and community events.

The work of the HCHC is funded by grants from different government levels and by sponsorships by private corporations. The HCHC is working in five areas:

1. Civic engagement (School4Civic Program for the Hispanic Community).

2. Toronto Latin American Film Festival (LATAFF).

3. Latin Cuisine: Latin American and Spanish restaurants to showcase the Latin American and Spanish cuisine in the GTA).

4. Latin Fall Fiesta and Parade: A showcase of art and culture from Canadians with roots in +20 Latin American countries.

5. The Artistic Magic of Latin America: Photography, painting and sculpture exhibitions.

The Hispanic / Latin American community is one of the most diverse and fastest growing in Ontario and in Canada. It is a community represented by individuals coming from +20 Spanish-speaking countries around the world, with a very diverse and rich cultural heritage. The Spanish speaking community is truly a diversity within diversity within our local and national contexts.