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Spanish-speaking community fear games shutting them out

By Peter Kuitenbrouwer, National Post, March 11, 2014

Twice in the past three weeks, leaders of Toronto’s Latin American community have sat down in the mayor’s office with Rob Ford and Saad Rafi, chief executive of Toronto’s upcoming Pan Am Games, to address Latinos’ concerns about their limited involvement in next year’s sporting spectacle. Still, the two sides remain far apart.

“Here you have the Pan Am Games, somehow without the Pan-American people,” Councillor Cesar Palacio, who attended both meetings, said in his office at city hall Tuesday. “This community feels very disenfranchised. This is a travesty.”

Of the 41 countries competing in next summer’s Games, 19 are Spanish-speaking and 19 are in the Caribbean. The other three are Canada, the United States and Brazil, where people speak Portuguese. […]

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